you can email me with questions; just know I'm currently only taking commissions on a patreon first, case by case basis

!! please only email !!
no DMs or notes


Rough lines, minimal monochromatic shading, simple background.

45 USD and up

bust illustrations

Clean lines, simple coloring and shading. Drawn from the hips up, with a simple background.

85 USD and up

full render illustration

Clean lines, fully rendered with colors and complex shading. Full body view.

200 USD and up

character sheet / character design

Character reference sheet with a front, back, and detail view. Also includes color palette.

200 USD and up

Rough lines, minimal to no background, minimal monochromatic shading

Partial (thighs and up)45 USD
Full body 65 USD

  • Hard robot (transformers, gundam) +15 USD (PER CHARACTER)

  • Wings +15 USD

  • Extra character +20 USD

  • If you dont have any reference and I have to visually design your character. +50% initial cost

please put 'sketch commission' in the subject line!

Clean lines with color rendering. Simple color/gradient background. Drawn from the waist/hips and up.

Bust 85 USD

  • Hard robot (transformers, gundam) +20 USD (PER CHARACTER)

  • Wings +15 USD

  • Extra character +30 USD

  • If you dont have any reference and I have to visually design your character. +50% initial cost

please put 'bust commission' in the subject line!

Clean lines, fully rendered with complex shading. Full body, options for background.

Illustration 200 USD
With background +60 USD

  • Hard robot (transformers, gundam) +35 USD (PER CHARACTER)

  • Wings +25 USD

  • Extra character +50 USD

  • If you dont have any reference and I have to visually design your character. +50% initial cost

please put 'illustration commission' in the subject line!

Clean lines, flat colors, simple poses with front and back view. Includes color palette and detail shot of your choice. Background is mostly simple with some graphic details to spruce it up.

Character sheet 200 USD

  • Hard robot (transformers, gundam) +30% of total

  • Wings +25 USD

  • Additional detail shot +45 USD

  • If I am designing your character +50%

please put 'character sheet commission' in the subject line!

Artistic preferences

Love doing it

  • Robots, synthetic / artificial beings

  • Aliens and monsters

  • Humanoids and humans

  • Fantasy races

  • Furries, anthro characters

  • Feral, quadruped characters

  • Queer characters

  • Fandoms (Star Wars, Transformers, LOTR, Pokemon)


  • Cars / Vehicles

  • Anime art style

  • Cartoony art style


  • Incest/Pedophilia

  • Scat

  • Real people/celebs (I.E., I will draw captain america but not chris evans)

Additional Note

While I'm willing to do SOME other "extreme" fetishes/kinks, and you are always free to ask more about which ones qualify, some will incur an 'extremity fee' which will triple the cost of your commission.

TERMS of service

By commissioning me you confirm you understand and agree with these terms and conditions

My commissions open sporadically, and will be announced on my social media (patreon first, then others if more slots are still available). I do not keep waitlists. Work time also varies, as I work on these between my other jobs; if you have a specific deadline you need something done by (As a gift for a special occasion, for example) we can work something out.

Contact me if you're interested in a commission via email ([email protected]). Please title your email with the type of commission, as outlined in the examples. (In the case of commercial work, please title the email with something similar.) This is to help keep me organized!
In the email itself, state what you want (type of commission, i.e. a sketch, a refsheet, or an illustration), and either a description of your character's looks or visual references (or both! both is good!)

You will only commission me to draw things you own or have permission to use. You hold all responsibility regarding permission to draw who or what is being portrayed.

I have the right to decline a commission for any reason.

Once we agree on what is to be commissioned and payment is done, I will send you work in progress shots (sketches, colors, etc.). One is done after the other is approved, certain types of commissions might lack one or more of those steps. I expect you to look over the work in progress shots I send and approve them, or request edits, before the final product is sent.

Expect some degree of artistic liberty. I cannot replicate specific art styles (nor do I take commissions asking me to 'draw like a specific artist') or design elements one to one, but I will try my best to do what you ask.

No physical goods will be shipped, all work is done digitally, and all the final images will be sent to the client by email.

After the final product is sent the service you paid for is completed.

Edits can be done as I send you sketches/previews for approval. You can ask for up to two edits per step in the process.

Edits can only be done regarding which artwork step is being sent for approval. You can ask for alterations in a sketch while the artwork is being sketched, changing its base structure. Coloring edits can be done while the artwork is being colored. You can't ask to change something in the artwork’s base structure during the coloring process.

Payments are done exclusively in USD, 100% upfront, and through PayPal invoice. Commission will not be started until the payment is processed. I will not do commissions for free.

Unless we specifically work out a payment plan, the payment must be completed within 48 hours of you receiving the invoice. If it isn't, I will re-open the slot for someone else to take it.

If for any reason you want to stop the commission and get a refund, contact me. If you want a refund before I sent the sketch for approval, I offer a full refund.
If the sketch I sent was approved, I offer no refunds.

When you commission me to draw something for personal use, you pay me for the service provided rather than the final product. You are given some displaying, sharing and editing rights over the finished product. Your rights over the finished product are limited and will be explained through this document.

For commercial use commissions, a contract will need to be made. Contract must include things such as intended use, period said artwork will be used, agreement with my terms of service, deadline, values negotiated, etc. Please keep in mind that commissions for commercial use have completely different price from personal use commissions since you will be buying rights upon the artwork.

The commission rates as outlined in the pricelists are for personal orders only. If you wish to hire me for commercial work, be it freelance contract or other branding, please contact me through the same email as outlined here. The commission rates as outlined in the pricelists are final and are not up for negotiation.

I keep all the rights over the commissioned artwork. This includes, but is not limited to distributing my artwork on galleries, portfolios, printing on art books, using it for self-promotion, or price samples.I can reject an inquiry without giving an explanation. Unless specified otherwise, I will always credit you as the commissioner where the commission is displayed.

If you buy artwork from me for personal use:
You cannot publish, make merchandise of, nor mass print the artwork or alterations of it for profit. You can print it, keeping it as a physical copy for yourself, but it must not be submitted to mass printing sites. The commissioned work can not be used in commercial or non-commercial projects/organisations. You can share the artwork anywhere you want, with the exceptions of places where one would need to pay to view it (i.e. a paid tier of your patreon). You can crop and alter the artwork for an icon. You agree that all alterations of the artwork will still follow the terms stated here. You must always credit me as the artist of the picture wherever you display it. You can do so by leaving a link to one of my sites near/as the picture, or by stating one of my usernames (cosmicdanger, xiphos__) as the creator on a line next to it.You can not claim the artwork as made by you.

Commissions of commercial use have their rights stated in the contract

I will outright refuse to draw:
Anything NSFW for people under the age of 18
Offensive or hateful material towards communities, cultures, genders, and sexualities.
Illegal material, such as depictions or implications of sexual abuse or minors in erotic context, including animal abuse
Extreme fetishes (scat, hyperinflation, etc.)
Scenes of torture, violent death 'snuff', extreme gore
Depictions or implications of dehumanization, fetishization, or objectification towards a gender, race, or community.

If you want to commission something and is unsure if I would be ok with it or not, contact me.